Here are some helpful tips when it comes to packing and storing

  • When packaging plates, use a separator (paper and bubble plastic works best).
  • Use newspapers for cups, glasses or any fragile containers to help support them during transportation.
  • Protect all highly polished furniture with bubble wrap to protect it from scratching and dents.
  • Books should be packed in smaller boxes because of their weight (easier to carry).
  • Once inside a storage unit, leave the refrigerator and freezer slightly open.
  • Boxes containing textiles should be lined with plastic. – (reduces dust).
  • Ensure all fabrics are clean and dust-free before packing.
  • Use environmentally-friendly insect repellents on fabrics whenever possible. 
  • Make sure there is enough space between boxes to allow for good ventilation and ease of access later.
  • Put your framed paintings and pictures on double layers of bubble wrap to protect your frames from direct contact with the concrete floor.
  • Organize your boxes by marking them with numbers on both sides and compiling a detailed list of each box’s contents. This information should be stored on your computer.

Fire Protection

>Store-Pro Florida Storage facility, has ample Fire protection on-site. Your unit is not open to neighbouring units. No wire mesh walls or timber boards are used. Therefore, you don’t have to take special measures to keep your goods safe from fire hazards.

Ensure that stored goods are regularly inspected for insect activity and rodents. Stor-Pro Florida has no problems with this.

Before storing your goods, please inspect your unit and report any deficiencies to our Operations Manager.